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How Do You Rejuvenate?

Just a chill day doing chill things.

Food truckin’ and Little Havana

Last Friday was my darling girl’s birthday. She got a special breakfast made, got some treats after school, and then we went out for dinner to Food Truckin’ Fridays.

Editing and Sensuality

Yes, lately it’s been memorizing lines, and sitting at my computer editing.

Math Girls Rock!

That’s the phrase that is king in our house right now.

That Epic WayHome Post

Picture Overload Alert!

Thoughts on Others Opinions on Fashion

“Become who you want to become for the person inside of you. The one you let out when no one is around…that is who I want to love.” – r.m. drake

Living in the Wrong Town

I think I was supposed to live in a beach town.

Maybe Not So Bad

Andrew’s been away. And so I’ve spent quite a few nights and days solo

Like My Necklace….

…I have two sides.

Nothing But the Rhythm

Accessories are fantastic. Hats, necklaces, earrings, rings.

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