I think I was supposed to live in a beach town. In Spain, or Australia, or some other lovely place. The summer heat, messed up hair, and beachy styles that, let’s face it, scream ease and little coverage are kind of what I feel best in.  A light little romper for sitting on a patio with a cold bevy. Yes.

The top was really only a concession to modesty considering the hour of biking I was going to do that day.  But it’s not about being revealing. It’s about the freedom to just be and sit and feel the air and sun in your hair, and on your skin….and ideally, the water all about you.  See? Beach town. But here’s the dilemma: I really do love this little town of mine *or big city, whatever* so I guess I’ll just have to carry the beach with me everywhere I go in this urban metropolis. Spell-hotel-paradiso-jumpsuit-1web



Romper – Spell Designs
Top – vintage off Etsy
Shoes – c/o Easy Spirit
Bracelet – Ruche