Yes, lately it’s been memorizing lines, and sitting at my computer editing. Editing a ton of photos. It’s honestly as great as shooting – good thing too since it’s the second half of the process. I’ve been shooting some fashion, portrait, and boudoir. What’s exciting is getting the chance to shoot some sensual boudoir. We don’t celebrate our sexuality enough. Sure, we as a society sexualize things, but when it comes to celebrating the beauty of the sensual and sexual creature within us, I feel we don’t celebrate that enough. ¬†Too often we shut it down because we’re afraid of that feeling – the loss of control or the urges that come.

But the body and the beauty of the soul within are boundless and should be celebrated. I’m excited to shoot four people this weekend and celebrate that unique side of them

Top – Bicyclette boutique *now closed I believe*
Jumpsuit – Arizonia Rose
Boots – Threadsence
Bag – Lucky Brand, hand me down