Andrew’s been away. And so I’ve spent quite a few nights and days solo – the days are errands and keeping house and work, and the eves are spent at home ’cause my baby girl’s asleep upstairs. It’s not easy being the sole caregiver and house keeper during those times. And also the solitude is not great, but I’ve enjoyed getting a crap ton of stuff done. I’ve caught up on all the sewing – patching, darning, mending, altering – that I had to do. I’ve caught up on work, and projects. My to-do list is killer short now. And I’m almost done crocheting my big shawl. That’s on top of the video games, and mastering the mojito.

Maybe this business trip thing isn’t so bad.




Arnhem-romper-fedora-1webRomper – Arnhem
Hat – I forget
Sandals – Aldo
Necklace – FreePeople