That’s the phrase that is king in our house right now. My girl has shown an interest in math, and we’re both encouraging it. Creating math problems for her in her notebook that she then takes away to solve, high fiving her, and saying all the cool things that math can lead to and can do. Yes, I’m encouraging my girl int he math and sciences, ’cause why not?

Also, I asked her on the way home from school if she would want to act. I described to her what an audition was like, and what being on set was like, and what it all was. her response? “That sounds so boring! No, I don’t want to do that.”

No acting, and a love for math? I think I’m in heaven.

#parenting win

Jacket – Danier Leather
Jumpsuit – Gypsy Found Objects in Toronto
Top – hand me down
Necklace – Lustre Boutique in Montreal
Bag – ASOS