“Become who you want to become for the person inside of you. The one you let out when no one is around…that is who I want to love.” – r.m. drake

I love the idea in that first sentence. To become the person you want to become for yourself, for your truest self. That is beautiful. To not give in to what others want you to be, but to be who you are for you. And not for someone external. For me, this comes strongly in fashion.

I like bold colors, and floating styles. I also like short, tight, and low cut. But not because I want to flaunt things for someone else, just because I often feel comfortable and good in those things. Someone who met me recently and spent an hour with me said, “You seem all flowy and one with nature and stuff.” So, my “revealing” clothes are really just the desire to be unencumbered and close to natural as possible.

Often though, I feel hindered by what I fear will be the judgement of others – and it’s proven true a few times. I’ll try on something and ask Andrew if it’s too short or too low or what ever. Whenever I’m wavering on something, I check in with him. Thinking, he’ll be my good barometer. And also because he’s the only person’s judgement I real care about – if he felt something was too much, I would probably change. Not because he controls me, but because I trust his judgement, and…he’s the only other person’s opinion I really care about, as I mentioned.

And what I’m often pleasantly surprised by is my conservative husband saying, “Nope, I think it looks great.” At which point, I’ll double check and he’ll usually follow up with, “And besides, who cares? You look great.”

So yeah, in fashion *this is a fashion blog after all* I’m trying to be the person inside of me….and I’m lucky that this person is loved.






Romper – Amilita
Boots – Aldo
Purse – Threadsence
Sunnies – F21