Category :Fringe

Not Feeling It

Well, not everything you see and think you’ll love turns out to be true.

Create The Moments

Last week there wasn’t much time for revelry.

Give to Get

Give what you want to get.


Everyone seems to care about numbers these days: how many likes did this get? How many followers do I have? How many new followers did I get? How many does she have? 

The Ugly is Beautiful

Sure, the stunning landscape, the amazing landmark, the breathtaking waterfall. No one, no one can deny the beauty of those things.

Random Meetings

Summer hit with the full force of hot and humid. And while everyone was complaining, I was like, “Yes!!!” 

Boho Green thumb *not really*

A trip to our local Plant World. I didn’t need a lot this year,

The Three Body Problem

Want another book recommendation?  Well you’re going to get it anyway. Ha! 

It’s a Thing, Right?

Sweatpants and kimonos are a thing, am I right?

Snowy Premiere of Deep Six

This is the dilemma that a Toronto actor faces: you’ve got a premiere to go to, but it’s a freakin’ snow storm out there.

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