This is the dilemma that a Toronto actor faces: you’ve got a premiere to go to, but it’s a freakin’ snow storm out there. Normally, I wouldn’t care that much, but this is a project that I’m in, so I wanted to put in a little more effort. Oh and did I forget to mention that I was riiiight in the middle of some fearsome pms? That always makes dressing so much fun. *sarcasm fully intended*┬áBlack leather pants, with a red sequin top to focus eyes up top, and a loose velvet jacket for warmth and hiding if necessary seemed like they hit all the right spots.

Of course it was a great night, and the creators of Deep Six did a lovely job. I bet my friend a beer that I was only in it for three seconds, but it turned out to be a quite a bit more, so yeah, I owe a beer. Happily so, I might add. I look forward to when it’s released publicly and I can send you all to see this fun sci fi.

Top – Free People via Frock Toronto
Jacket – Jacob *thrifted*
Pants – Zara
Boots – ASOS