Well, not everything you see and think you’ll love turns out to be true. Take for instance, this dress.  when I saw it I loved it. I loved it in all the pictures, and I loved it when I lay it on my bed. But I don’t think it works on me in practice. It just doesn’t sit right and frankly, I don’t think it feels like me.  I do love the detail, and I might try to sell it, but if I can’t, I’m thinking I might chop it and turn it into a top – because I simply adore the sleeve detail.

Oh well, not everything can be a win. But I tried, and I learned that this silhouette, and this kind of cut, is just not for me.

And oh dear! can we just talk about my hair and the humidity?!?!

Dress – Auguste the Label
Bag – c/o Novum Crafts
Boots – Matisse