Sure, the stunning landscape, the amazing landmark, the breathtaking waterfall. No one, no one can deny the beauty of those things. Those captured images are the stuff of gold. But have you looked round you? Have you looked at the textures, and tones, and colors of the ordinary, mundane, and ugly things? Like, for example, the back of a loading dock.

I wanted to grab some shots of my outfit, I needed a shady spot – for great light. This loading dock was empty, private, and shaded. And the light gray ground provided a great bounce for the sun. Plus, the tones of the door, and the rusty stairs had such great texture, and such dinginess about them. Sure, they’re ugly and not winning any awards soon, but I just love the juxtaposition of luxe and rich fabrics with a sparse and worn down background. To me, it’s a constant reminder that nothing is perfect, nothing is flawless but all of it is interesting.

And it’s also a reminder that no matter how rich your wallet, how stunning your face, and how ‘perfect’ your life, if your heart isn’t kind, the ugliness shows through.

Dress & Kimono – Arnhem
Necklace – Threadsence
Boots – Call it Spring
Sunnies – Black Daffodil