A trip to our local Plant World. I didn’t need a lot this year, intending to reuse the seeds from last year and just grow more of that, I only needed a few things: some organic fertilizer, three tomato plants,  one basil plant, and a lavender plant.  The tomato plant because although I have tomatoes as seeds, they haven’t grown that well the last two years. Now that might have to do with the crappy summers we had, but still. The basil plant is pretty much the one concession I make to Andrew, who loves basil. The rest of the garden is on my own terms, with my Girl dictating the sweet peas so she can eat them off the plant.  And the lavender goes at the front of the house, in the big pot we have at the top.

So it was a quick stop and an easy one. I don’t get a lot of interference in the garden because I’m the one who grows it, weeds it, and takes care. I do all the minute day to day work on it. They just water it once in a while. So since I’m the one who does the work, I’m the one who decides. This year I’m growing: tomatoes, basil, chives and onions (which came back from last year), fennel, kale, sweet peas, parsley, spinach, and shallots.

Dress – Le Salty Label via Bhoem
Sunnies – Common Sort
Boots – thrifted somewhere
Bag – hand me down, Lucky Brand
Bracelets – Local Artisan at a festival and now I’ve totally forgotten who.

I’m wearing one of my favorite brands, Le Salty Label. I got the dress on sale at Bhoem along with another dress, but to be honest I didn’t have a great experience. I got sent the wrong dress size, had to return it, and when I was sent a replacement had to pay duties and taxes on it again. So, ended up paying duties twice. Ugh. It really sucked and left a bad taste in my mouth, especially since the double duties meant the sale was worthless. Le sigh.