Last week there wasn’t much time for revelry. Andrew had a scheduled surgery, that went well, but as you can imagine, the whole week was hospital stays, visits, and running back and forth between him and home on the highway, in traffic. There wasn’t much in the way of fun, but I still managed to steal a few moments for myself to walk in nature.  Just ten to fifteen minutes to take a walk and find a place where the craziness doesn’t exist. Also, to explore a few new places that I’ll share with you soon.

I think that whatever is happening it’s important to steal some time for yourself. Especially when you’re taking care of others and dealing with all the regular business of life, you need to steal some moments for yourself. Though even the word ‘steal’ is wrong; you need to create those times for yourself. For me it was those walks in a park and an episode of a show in the evening – sometimes with crochet, sometimes with a glass of vino.

Love for you to tell me how you recharge your batteries here or on instagram.

Skirt – House of Skye
Top – Shopruche *now closed*
Necklace – F21
Boots – Thrifted
Sunnies – swag from WayHome