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Stubborn or Whatever

One thing you should know is that I’m a determined person.

That Lighthouse From the Brochure

Remember when I said we got a decent cup of coffee and some chocolate?

Dinner on the Wharf

Dinner was at the wharf, where there are two restaurants.

When the Beach Distracts You

Maybe you’re not like me, but I can’t get enough of the beach.

Hotels and Closets? Let’s Call it That

After the napping, the beaching, and the walking, it was naturally, time for a coffee.

Nature Walks, Poison Ivy, and Grey’s Anatomy

Crossing the sand dunes, which we technically shouldn’t have done but didn’t know until after,

Finally, That First Beach!

We finally made it to the beach. It only took us about four hours to get there with all the ways we got distracted along the way.

Fictional House of a Fictional Character: Anne of Green Gables

Yeah, the beach was the plan.  

Stumbling Through Coffee

Waking up that first day in PEI, after oh, about 4 hours sleep certainly made both of us think one thing: coffeeeeeeeeee…..

Pictures on That First Night of Travel

When we’re travelling, heck, when we’re out, Andrew is so resistant to taking photos, to ‘playing photographer’ as I call it.

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