One thing you should know is that I’m a determined person. My Mama calls it ‘stubborn as a mule’ but I say it’s ‘actively engaged in pursuit of a goal.’ Or stubborn, whatever. Point is, when someone tells me of a cool free standing rock formation in the ocean that is great to look at, I will get there. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a pretty long dress, have a camera in my bag and have to wade around a cliff with a rough and cold ocean, or that the rocks I’m wading on are slippery with moss, or even the fact that I have to be extra careful because that toe I nearly broke three days ago is still hurting like a motherf**ker *and is still a purple gray color*, I will get there. I’m ‘actively engaged in pursuit of a goal.’

I got there. I made it. All was intact and safe. And I got the picture to prove it.

Dress – Chasing Unicorns
Sweater – Boutique 1861
Shoes – Aldo *very old*
Bag – This LIttlePiggieBags on Etsy