Remember when I said we got a decent cup of coffee and some chocolate? Well, after exploring the artisan’s barn a local artist’s gallery caught the eye. In there, was a lovely woman who was also drawn by the artwork. Of course a conversation struck up, and of course she’s actually from just outside Toronto, and of course she’s been coming here for the last 17 years. So what did we get? We got directions to a small gorgeous, lone lighthouse, on an unnamed road, at the end of a peninsula. Of course we drove there, and of course it was spectacular. It was the very lighthouse we had been ahhing and oohing over in the travel brochure. The real life version did not disappoint. There were basically 360 degree views of the ocean and stunning rad rock cliffs. The kind of place that you only see in pictures but never believe actually exists until you’re standing there keeping the hair off your face.

Dress – Chasing Unicorns
Shoes – Aldo *very old*
Bracelets – made by me and from Threadsence

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