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The Possibilities that Define Us

Up in the Northern part of Ontario, it gets a lot colder than you might expect…or let me rephrase,

Pit Stop Surprises

Driving four hours up to a cottage means that sometimes you have to pull over for a pit stop in the middle of nowhere,

Leaving, And Returning

That beautiful last day in Charlottetown was well, just perfect.

A Day Alone in Charlottetown

Though this was a vacation, there was a reason behind it: he had to work one of the days.

Finally Reached Charlottetown

Finally! Made it into Charlottetown. Yup, the big provincial capital.

The Dunes Gallery and Cafe

Yeah we took the hint. And good thing as it started to rain sporadically for the rest of the day.

When You Gotta Take a Hint

Morning sunshine and *sorta* warmer temperatures meant what else but the beach!

Stubborn or Whatever

One thing you should know is that I’m a determined person.

That Lighthouse From the Brochure

Remember when I said we got a decent cup of coffee and some chocolate?

Dinner on the Wharf

Dinner was at the wharf, where there are two restaurants.


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