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Vegas and the Hat

Right when you get there. The second you’re off the plane, it’s bright and big and colorful. Heck, they’ve even put a big truck right in the airport.  It doesn’t stop, and it’s great. 

Chewbacchus – Part 3

Warning: sci-fi parade picture overload!!

The Last Day – Part 2

It was a rainy day. Not full out rain, but cloudy and drizzling the whole time.

The Last Day – Part 1

So I’m going to break the last day up into three posts, ’cause that last day filled a lot and there were a lot of pictures, and a bunch of stories.

N’awlins – Tree of Life

So here’s where the stories really begin.

Happy Mardi Gras Day!

Today is officially Mardi Gras Day. I wish NOLA a fantastic and safe celebration!! 

A Quiet Evening in the French Quarter

After a day of work – it was a business trip after all – again the target was the French Quarter for the evening.

New Orleans…It Begins

New Orleans….during Mardi Gras.  Let’s just say that it is NUTS!! Crazy nuts.

Too Much

Well, going off my previous post, I could stay silent and politely fade away.

Cottage Feels

Those cottage feels…

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