After the napping, the beaching, and the walking, it was naturally, time for a coffee.So we hopped in our awesome Mustang GT and drove to the only place you can get a decent cup of coffee in Cavendish, Samuel’s. If there is another place, I have yet to find it, just sayin.’

Not only is it the best place around for a cup of coffee, but it’s also right around the corner from the gourmet chocolate place, so you see the pairing I’m going for, right? It was a pairing that was oft to be repeated. On top of the palette pairing, there was a big barn with lovely locally created crafts for sale. I enjoyed browsing through the crochet section, getting ideas for my own future crochet projects. A girl can never have too many turquoise crochet shawls……okay, maaaybe.

Back a the hotel, I looked at my walk in closet and had a little giggle at my travelling wardrobe. Yup, so I took a picture. You may or may not be interested in how my travelling wardrobe looks, but I’m going with “may be interested” since you are actually reading this blog. I’m just guessing. I could be totally off base. It’s been known to happen. Often.

After cleaning some sand off, changing shoes, and putting on a sweater *it was surprisingly cold when we were there* it was time to have a coastal drive both to and from dinner. It helps digestion, so I’ve been told. *I haven’t actually been told that, I’m a total liar here and this is definitely not medical advice*