We finally made it to the beach. It only took us about four hours to get there with all the ways we got distracted along the way. But man oh man was that first beach time wonderful. The first of many!

The seagulls were out in full force, by that I mean they were shitty little punks. The couple about ten feet from us tried to go into the ocean several times and each time had to run back to the seagull that kept running in and picking through their stuff trying to get to their cooler. They kept running back and laughing at the cheekiness of the thing.

By the time we actually got to the beach, the coffee was starting to wear off. So after some relishing of the sun and sand it was necessary, necessary I tell you, to take a beach nap. And of course my loving husband had to capture my jacket covered napping body for all of posterity.

Rested and a little refreshed, we trekked through some dunes to find the woodland paths for a walk through the countryside….