Waking up that first day in PEI, after oh, about 4 hours sleep certainly made both of us think one thing: coffeeeeeeeeee…..

Luckily, the hotel, or series of cottages, we were staying at had a lovely little restaurant right on their property so we could stumble in a semi-comatose state to the nearest coffee pot. And food, but you know, COFFEEEE.

After being sufficiently caffeinated, we could actually look at our surroundings, which were quite beautiful.

And we could actually form a plan. Honestly, the plan mostly in my head was beach and ocean. In various orders. On repeat. ┬áHe’s a little more inquisitive and curious, which is good, because sometimes I can be a bit apathetic about sight seeing. But we did decide to hit a beach asap, but first a little stop on the way to see some beautiful cliffs, of which PEI has a lot, but which also never get old. And with another little stop, to buy me a pair of sunglasses at the local beach shop – ’cause of course when we left the night before amidst a dark and raining Toronto, I didn’t think “sunglasses.”

Dress – Ministry of Style via The Style Squad
Jacket – Spell Designs
Shoes – F21
Sunnies – Dot Dash via Local PEI beach shop