Technically, Spring is here. Technically, Winter is over. Technically.

But the reality is that the snow keeps falling, the wind continues to be cold, and the temperatures refuse to rise. Such is reality. And I refuse to live in a delusion. I know that some will say that keeping your mind looking forward helps to get through the day.

But I say that if you need to delude yourself to get through your day, there’s a problem with your day to day. Looking forward means you’re not living in the present. And please don’t confuse this with planning for the future, or being able to look ahead – not the same thing.

I’m talking about living in the future, and living your day for the future. In that state you’re not present. In that state you miss the current joys (and pains, yes, but c’est la vie). In that state you create anxiety and worry because all the possible problems are a reality.

Live today. Enjoy today…as much as is possible in the bitter wind and snow on the ground. And notice the fleeting joys and pleasures today.

*Yes, this worrier is still trying to take her own advice. The irony is not lost on me*

Dress – Vintage Guess via Etsy
Cardigan – Banana Republic thrifted
Necklace – Etsy
Boots – Matisse Footwear
Bag – made by me!