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I think it might be the Winter weather.

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and Cataract Falls

Tons of room to hike, horseback ride, or cycle. A waterfall to see and tons of apples growing wild on trees.


Dinner at a Tapas restaurant was a perfect meal after our day.


It’s finally here. Spring.

On a Technicality

Technically, Spring is here. Technically, Winter is over. Technically.

Consider This

Abhor negativity?

Winter Sunset

I’m not going to lie, it can be elusive.

Not ‘On Brand’

Yeah, I get it, the crochet thing isn’t strictly ‘on brand’ with what I do. But guess what? I dont’ f**kin’ care.

Nourishment in One Place

“As in childhood, they become fixated on one person, whom they see as their sole source of well-being. They transfer this desperate attitude to their relationships, believing all of their nourishment can be provided by one person only: their particular mate” – Zen and the Art of Falling in Love.


Crocheting has been a hobby for a while now.

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