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I think it might be the Winter weather.

To the Dogs

Well, it’s all going to the dogs.

I Always Mean To.

I always mean to get a lot done over the holidays.

Break Away

Took a break off for the holidays.

Take a Moment

Rest, relaxation, and walks.

Ana Luisa Timeless Jewelry Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a good piece of jewelry? But do you know the cost of yours?

Sweet Jeans is Sweet!!

What’s better than really stylish second-hand clothing? When it’s customized just for you!

Rewards and Sanctions

Treat yo self. Such a great mantra. But in today’s world, it’s been twisted to promote purchasing.

Wayuu Adventure

When I got my new Wayuu Bag from Ekii Store, I decided to put it to the test by going on a walking adventure by the Humber River.

Peer Pressure or an After School Special

Let’s face it, everywhere we look we have ads, or people’s highlight reels, or somebody enjoying something we want.

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