The aggrandisement of those who con and hurt others that we are committing is disgusting.

This refers to persons such as Anna Delvy and say the Scandoval thing from VPR. First, Anna Delvy scammed people, stole tons of money, and went to jail. Now, she’s out and making tons of money from those very actions: through series, magazine articles, and promoting her art which is all about her crimes. And the worst is how one of those prints proudly proclaims “No Regrets.” And we as a society allow this and encourage this. We give her airtime, followers, and tons of press…and all those opportunities. She, for committing crimes and going to jail is getting the opportunities so many hard-working North Americans can only dream of. What does that say about our society?

And Scandoval: three people on reality TV – the wife, the husband, and the best friend – and we find out that the two have been having an affair for months right in front of the cameras. So what happens? They get tons of press, magazine articles, TV shows, collaborations, and basically every opportunity that so many hard-working North Americans can only dream of.

Those are just two examples, but there are many more, from small (Aggie Lal) to big (Trump).

So I repeat, what does this say about our society?

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