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First Marriage Problems

Like First World Problems, but for marriage.

A Little Bit Weird

Andrew asked me, “How do you not get depressed watching this all the time?” I was watching Bones.


Learn whatever lesson comes your way.


The city of Kingston in Ontario is so pretty. It’s managed to protect a lot of it’s historical buildings and character.

Sustainble Fashion and Shopping: Why Should You Care?

Sure sustainability in fashion is great for the environment, but why should you do it? I mean why should you care?

Cherry Blossoms

They come every year.

Basically Everything For Sale

Everything’s for sale.


Anyone else question their life choices after visiting the dentist?


It was the first really warm day – well comparatively – and I thought let’s take advantage of that.

A Vacation is Cheaper

If you know me, or have been reading the blog for a while, you know that dark gallows humor is my bag.

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