Especially when they’re parents. 

When you get a surprise evening with the Girl being at the grandparents, and they message you that they’ll be late, you grab the opportunity to go out on an impromptu dinner date. Which is exactly what we did. To a new cafe/ restaurant in the neighborhood called Stadt Cafe. So yummy!

We had a warm pretzel fr an appetizer and the drink special was a Dark and Stormy. Now I’m not one for cocktails because I abhor drinking anything sweet. But this has rum, soda, fresh ginger and fresh lime. I asked her to leave out the agave syrup, and what I had was divinely tart and not sweet in any way. Yes, I could’ve definitely indulged in a few of those! But being an intense lightweight I decided to be in a presentable state when my In-Laws did drop our Girl off.

And for dinner we split a salad and had wings. And the wings were actual wings. They weren’t those meat formed to perfection things – they were actual wing shaped. The salad was fresh and full of flavor too. I’m a big fan of restaurants that serve you actual food and not over processed stuff that they pass off as food. It’s one of the times that we’ll break our vegan diet – for actual organic food. I’m not sure if this is organic, but it’s not fake and that means I’ll go there again.

If only for the Dark ‘n Stormy and pretzel. And the company, that wasn’t bad either.

Jacket – ASOS gifted from Lyst
Dress – Spell via Isla Samsara
Top – Wilfred Free via Value Village *thrifted*
Boots – Matisse Footwear
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Scarf – somewhere online, it’s old so I forget