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Knowing is Half the Battle

Knowing what drives you to shop is important because it helps to identify what you enjoy and what you don’t.

What Drives You To Shop?

Let’s start with the biggie: What drives you to shop? If you take away anything from me ever, it’s to always ask, “what’s driving you?”

Six Weeks and Counting

There’s debris flying through the air, and the whole first floor is covered in pieces of old dry wall. The house is cold, because the furnace has to be off and everything is covered in a fine layer of dust.

Nothing Pithy

Pretty much what it says in the title.


It looks a little bleak. But it’s teaming with life.

Compendium of Beauty Advice

Don’t ask me for beauty advice.

Consider This

Abhor negativity?

Trekking to Carlsbad

The previous day I had hit the fancy resort gym a little too hard. It was so fun to be in a gym that my enthusiasm got the best of me and I was certainly paying for it.

Come Hell Or Highwater Sunset

Never one to sit still, the explorer needs to get out.

Tuesdays, Am I Right?

Most people have a problem with Mondays…

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