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Singing Sands Sunset

Remember how I said one side of the Peninsula was warm and sandy and shallow? Well, that side is also the side that sees the sunset.

Flowerpot Island

There’s scenic boat cruises that take you all around the islands. Or

Swimming Hole…Sorta

That hike led us to this spot. We entered another small lookout, and like the stubborn asses that we are,

Five Fathoms

Upon waking and caffeinating, we headed into Tobermory to book ourselves a boat out and back to Flowerpot island.

Getting to Bruce Peninsula

A road trip isn’t a road trip without pit stops…

Grand Bend

Grand Bend during the day: a warm, busy, and full of life and color beach town.
Grand Bend during the night: an uproarious party beach town….apparently.

A Storm Brewing, a Vintage Dress, and A Winery

The sky was dramatic, think “Wuthering Heights” dramatic. It was somewhere between ‘teenage angst’ and ‘existential crisis’;

Those Sunsets

Sunset walks quickly became a thing. It’s rated as some of the most breathtaking views around – the park sunsets, so there was no way we were missing a single one.

Kitchener Stop and the Secret to Parenting (I’m Joking)

Your kids become you. You want them to read? Read? You want them to eat healthy? Eat healthy. You get the idea.

Beach Day and Respecting Your Body

After breakfast, they went on a morning hike. I needed some quiet time.

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