There’s scenic boat cruises that take you all around the islands. Or there’s a boat that takes you to the main attraction island – Flowerpot Island – and then picks you up again three hours later. We did that.


The boats stop over two shipwreck sites. One doesn’t photograph all that well, but one looks incredible. It’s the best preserved shipwrecked schooner in all of the Great Lakes and it looks amazing.


Once on the Island, you’re left to your own devices with a map. We did the swimming rocky thing and the easy seaside hike. And when you’re mixing swimming with hiking, eventually you end up in your swimsuit and cowboy boots. I’m a classy gal. And yes, I did take pictures ’cause that’s how I roll.

But having moved away from the shore into the mountain hike – again a black diamond – the dress was popped back on. I do have some decency….though only a bit, I know.

I slept so terribly the night before, but was still managing to enjoy the 2.6k hike thanks to a healthy helping of iced coffee. 

When all was said and done, we hiked 6.3k on top of all the other extra walking we did that day. All in all our mobile devices said we each took over 25,000 steps (I still can’t figure out how to turn that damn thing off!)