Sunset walks quickly became a thing. It’s rated as some of the most breathtaking views around – the park sunsets, so there was no way we were missing a single one. Now, the campground is in the forest, surrounded by vast trees and down from the beach. To get to the beach you have to walk up and then over a rolling plateau-esque patch of dunes. Anyway, under the canopy of trees it can get quite chilly, but once you clear it, the sun quickly warms you up.

After just a few minutes, we all quickly lost our top layers. Quite joyfully, I might add.

Some of us really enjoyed the water – not saying who, but that same person learned from her first mistake and made sure to wear her swimsuit this time. Not saying who.

Like fires, sunset are those things that seem like nature made tv: endlessly fascinating, and have you mesmerized.

Also, the company didn’t suck. Just sayin.’

I’m not a rich person. I’m not a fancy schmancy travel blogger who can jet set around the world. I’m not a free of responsibilities nomad who can go everywhere for pennies. I do love to travel. You can travel inexpensively, with your entire family in tow. You just may have to discover your own Province, State, area – whatever – instead of a new continent. Doesn’t mean you’re not travelling. Doesn’t mean you’re not expanding your horizons. Who the f**k cares if you’re not getting those instagram perfect locations. This is your f**king life. Live it and love it.


Dress – Kivari via The Freedom State
Sweater – Billabong, thrifted.