After breakfast, they went on a morning hike. I needed some quiet time. Then late morning they came back, and I’m not saying we literally ran to the beach, but we walked kinda fast. Like legs moving really fast, like bouncing, like moving very quickly – so, we ran.

I’ve been fighting a little something (with herbs and naturpathy) so I was more low energy than usual. And a little more uncomfortable. That meant that while I wasn’t going to spend a bunch of time planning out shots (’cause normally I would spend a bit more time, as I love the visual art), I did want to grab some fun pics of what I intended to do on the beach. Walk around and enjoy the water.

And I totally did do that. I loved how warm and turquoise the water was on Lake Huron. And I kind of wish that I had had more energy and more vigor in me at the time.


But I didn’t. And while that’s a shame. You have to follow how you feel and respect the body. So I spent time reading my book under my new purchase: the perfect beach umbrella! Honestly, this is such a great decision. I got it on Amazon Prime day, and while Andrew was totally NOT sold on the idea, he indulged me. But after a day spent under it – and I do mean a day, we went back for dinner – he was completely on board with my purchase and remarked that it was an “awesome idea.” I personally love that it’s compact and light – which means that I can lug it around when it’s just me and the girl and I have tons of other stuff that I have to carry.

I loved that at the campsite we could easily sit under it in two deluxe folding chairs and still have room. It’s huge!  I can practically stand up under it.

Then I napped. I dare you to come up with something more delightful than the beach nap. It is seriously the best thing. Especially that slow, languid waking up with the waves gently calling you back to the waking world and the sun curling you in a warm hug. And this view:

Then this view:

As all good things, the day does end…and the tummy grumbles. The walk back to the campsite was funny, with her picking her wedgie and then grinning her toothless grin about it. Also, note how easily that umbrella folds up?

Bikini – Bondi Bathers via Style Squad
Hat – Dorfman Pacific co.
Beach – the wonder of the Universe.