Your kids become you. You want them to read? Read? You want them to eat healthy? Eat healthy. You get the idea. So I love vintage shopping, and guess what? So does she. And while some things, like environmentalism, healthy eating habits, and sustainable fashion are totally within your control, some things aren’t. Like the fact that she gets terrible car sickness, just like you when you were a kid.  Which means we have to break up long car rides. Which means we had to stop in Kitchener. Which means we went to a vintage shop…

…I’m really broken up about that.

Clearly, very broken up about it.

And so is she.

One thing I will say  *dare I call it a tip?* Is don’t be afraid of rummaging through those super messy bins of the wares that the shop has given up for good. I found a really cute vintage tweed vest for $5! Great for the Fall. Thanks Meow Boutique for indulging us.

Dress – Tamga designs