Upon waking and caffeinating, we headed into Tobermory to book ourselves a boat out and back to Flowerpot island. It left after mid afternoon, so we had lots of time to kill. The passage included a park pass to Five Fathoms, so of course that’s where we headed next. The area has a lot of Provincial Parks, and though this is a big one that includes the island, there’s a smaller section on the mainland. Hence, we embarked on the 3.7 black diamond hike: he in flip flops, and I in cowboy boots.

The first lookout spot brought us to a wide rocky cove full of turquoise water. And of course, the boots came off and the feet went in.

On the hike we saw lots of toads….like lots and lots…are they toads or frogs? Frogs, I think. Then a snake, and a cheeky squirrel intent on stealing our lunch. It also brought us to a gorgeous, secluded swimming spot, but that’s the next post.

Dress – Spell Designs
Boots – thrifted from Gypsy Found Objects
Tie – Spell Designs kimono belt