That hike led us to this spot. We entered another small lookout, and like the stubborn asses that we are, we forced our way along the rocky shore until it sloped down a bit and we had a view of the beautiful water and a small island. Here we lunched…fought off a sneaky squirrel that wanted to steal our lunch, and then in the seclusion I changed quickly into a suit and went into the water.

But to be honest, I only went in halfway. It’s cold on this side of the peninsula. Apparently, the currents run in such a way that one side is a big warm, shallow sandbar, and by the time the water gets over to this side it has been filtered and it’s incredibly clear. So clear you can see all the rock formations underneath easily, but the trade off is that it’s always cold. Or as Andrew like to say, “Refreshing.” Anyway, it was so ‘refreshing’ that I only went in waist deep to sit around and explore a little. Then decided to wimp out.


Swimsuit – Bondi Bathers via Style Squad