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Garbage Bags

Changing others is a futile goal? You can’t change others. You can encourage behaviors, but you can’t force anyone into anything. You can however change yourself – to a certain extent, but I’m not going to get into the genetics of personality here.

Another Day in Kingston

Another day, another cafe… or two.


I realize now that I take on the colors of the landscape I’m in.

What Music We Have Rung

“So you, with a Medici smile, becoming not
A twilight personage but the danceable gloom
And music of all shade, wake trailing song
As in an hour of hot brilliance what
Happens is a wrung memory of light
And all shade is what music we have rung.”
– James Merrill

The Rest is Silence

What is it about being in your thirties? You start to get a bit more comfortable, you start to really question shit, and you start to really not give a f**k about stuff anymore.

My PhotoBomber

When you’re a mom who blogs about fashion, it means that you often have a ‘little helper.’


We don’t think about it, but rest is an important part of growth.

Christmas Eve Family Dressing

Christmas Eve is the big deal for us Polish folks.

Speaking Up For What You Need

I don’t like to ask for help and ask for what I need.

Radio Silent, Sorta – Follow on Snapchat

Hey all. Love y’all so much. But in the interests of adventuring and living life and all that, I’m going radio silent for a bit.

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