Hey all. Love y’all so much. But in the interests of adventuring and living life and all that, I’m going radio silent for a bit. Just like, a week. I’m going to WayHome, the epic music festival, and then going straight to a cottage with some dear friends.  I’m really excited ’cause I’ve never been to a music festival before. I’m looking forward to all the tunes, peope, and food. Soaking in all the experiences and good times. Hopefully, I have some epically funny stories to tell you when I get back.

No worries though, I’ve got some scheduled posts coming your way.  But if y’all want to see the craziness as it happens, I urge you to follow me on snapchat: @johaughton

I’ll be snapping all the fun, with lots of only there exclusives for you.  In the meantime, loves ya!






Dress – Tree of Life
Belt – thrifted
Bag – Muche et Muchette
Boots – DIYed
Hat – UO

P.S. Check out my awesome mini me photographer!