I don’t like to ask for help and ask for what I need. In my mind, it’s a sign of weakness, and I always criticize myself for it. I feel like asking for things I want makes me too vulnerable – and opens things up. It’s a faulty way of thinking, I realize that. We all need to speak up and ask for what we want and need – that’s the healthy way to do it. Take ownership. Hey, we ain’t all perfect. I’m getting better though. I’m getting better at recognizing when I need something and being okay saying it.

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself? For speaking up for your needs? How do you get beyond that?

*I’ve gotten a bit pensive and reflective. I swear , my sarcasm shall return….I don’t stay philosophical for long, as you know*







Dress – Auguste
Hat – Threadsence
Boots – Call It Spring
Socks – Free People
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Belt – F21