We don’t think about it, but rest is an important part of growth. If you don’t believe me ask anyone who lifts weights. You have to work different areas of the body on different days, because your muscles are torn slightly when you work, and they need time to rest in order to heal and get stronger. So if your muscles need that, doesn’t it make sense that your soul, mind, and heart need that too?

For example, I saved up money and have been working hard on an acting class. I’m trying to grow as an artist, and push myself forward. I’ve been going hard now for about fourteen weeks (with two weeks break in there because of statutory holidays but not break in terms of mindset). And I realized that there’s so much in my head, so much I’ve learned, and so many great and challenging notes I’ve taken, that I need to rest. I need to have time to percolate. I need to have the time to have it all sink in. My ‘muscles’ need that healing time.

We sometimes push so hard. We hustle so hard. And we forget that those periods of rest are just as vital to growth as the other stuff. But I think the problem is that our society doesn’t recognize that. It doesn’t recognize that sitting still may still be a journey greater than expected.

Seriously, ask anyone who meditates regularly.

On that note….peace out.

Pants – Spell and the Gypsy
Top – thrifted
Hat – bought at an airport many years ago
Bag – ASOS
Necklaces – Vanessa Mooney and Free People
Sunnies – Free People