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Busy Days, Restorative Days

Yeah, all our days are busy. With work, errands, obligations, yadda yadda.

Call Me Sappy In A Fringe Dress

“Two objects can be far apart in space, but as far as quantum mechanics is concerned, it’s as if they’re a single entity. Moreover, because of the tight link between space and time found by Einstein, the quantum connections also have temporal tentacles.” – Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos

A Little Dose of Happiness

Back from Cuba, and back to the cold.

A Casual Day…

…calls for casual clothes.  Though, as we all know I’m never all business-y anyway.

Sartorial Rabbit Hole of Joy, or Lyst

I’ve recently been going down the best rabbit hole ever. And I do mean that. I’ve been spending time on Lyst. It’s seriously like a fashionista’s online Mecca.

Other Days

Some days I like to chat with people and share, and have boundless laughs and energy.


It was a friend’s birthday party. A party where you’re supposed to bring an appetizer to share with everyone.


“Individuality is not an end in itself; it is something that must enter into fructifying contact with the world, and in so doing must lose its separateness. An individuality which is kept in a glass case withers, whereas one that is freely expended in human contacts becomes enriched.”  – Bertrand Russell

Exposure – Or Paying Artists, One Fashion Bloggers Rant

Let’s be honest. Many of you who are online a lot have probably heard of Essena O’Neill and how she quit her instagram modelling account and came clean about the back deals with companies to promote brands.

Responsible Fashion


Heading up to the cottage this past long weekend, I was yet again struck by the beauty that we have in nature.  Also, the profound meaning and connection we can achieve by just sitting quietly and letting the world move around us.

In my daily life, I try to live as ethically and sustainably as possible. It’s a daily journey, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% there. It’s hard when daily conveniences are, well, convenient.


Though having recently partnered with Ungalli clothing, a 100% sustainable and ethical Canadian clothing company, I had a lovely moment standing on the dock wearing the softest hoodie possible, knowing that in wearing it I had not brought harm to any of the beauty around me.


Hoodie – c/o Ungalli Clothing

This hoodie was the perfect running and lounging layer around the cottage – not too heavy and ultra snuggly. Kind of perfect for a day spent swimming, laying in the sun, and warming around a campfire.




Tank Top – c/o Ungalli //  Overalls – Spell Designs  //  Necklace – Monserat de Lucca  // Sandals – ThreadSence

Ungalli has a threefold mission. First, their clothes are made from recycled material. Second, they’re made in North America under our labor laws. Third, they partner with different environmental organizations to both promote *through their designs* and to donate money from every sale.



But lest you think that these are only cottagey, camping clothes.  Let’s be clear: they totally belong in any urban fashionistas arsenal. This tee is definitely in my favorite tees list.  Not just because of the softness, but also because of the lovely uplifting message it has.  Personally, it reminds me to be present in my life daily. To embrace and feel every moment, and imprint it in memory.



Tee – c/o Ungalli  //  Pants – Jens Pirate Booty via ThreadSence  //  Necklace – Gypsy Love Store  //  Hat – Threadsence  //  Rings – Etsy, F21, and heirlooms  //  Sandals – c/o Easy Spirit

Love to you and all the lovely creatures we share our planet with. Let’s do the best we can by making conscious choices, including clothing choices whenever possible.

*this post has been brought to you in
 collaboration with Ungalli clothing*
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