Another day, another cafe… or two.

This time gelato and cappuccino. That was on the agenda while my Mama and I ran to two vintage shops. We rushed through them, conscious of not leaving them alone for too long, but we needn’t have.

Despite the language barrier, my Grandma is enamoured with Andrew, and even more so with her little great-granddaughter. And the feeling is mutual, she loves hanging out with her Pra-Babcia. They are thick as thieves. It just grieves me to see my Grandmother not being as mobile as she used to be. Because she’s the type of woman to take charge and run the show.

However, it was a fantastic day, and we all retired with a little beer, and a competitive and amped up game of cards. Which I won, again. Much to my Babcia’s chagrin.

Dress – Vintage/Etsy
Hat – Bought in Las Vegas
Boots – thrifted/vintage
Bag – Anello via Te Koop