What is it about being in your thirties? You start to get a bit more comfortable, you start to really question shit, and you start to really not give a f**k about stuff anymore. I’m so tired of the grind. I read an article in NarCity about how hard it is to live in Toronto – with the rising costs and the low wages etc. etc. I know that’s the story pretty much in every big city, and probably small town too, but man does it start to wear on you, you know? I know that I’m not the only one. I hear about it from all my friends – the tiredness, the not caring – it feels like there’s a generational dissatisfaction. Or perhaps I’m extrapolating. Perhaps every generation goes through this.


Talking to a girlfriend recently she was lamenting how much of her time is taken up by work. Work that is not fulfilling – fun but not fulfilling. She’s not alone. She’s not the only one. We’re all wondering where our souls fulfillment is, and where our peace is….and also our piece. You know, our little piece of the pie that hopefully brings peace. *see what I did there?*

I honestly don’t think there are any answers. I think that life just is, and it’s up to us to find peace and joy where we can: living room dance parties, cuddles with the little one, or shared sarcasm over coffee. Really, no one’s getting out alive, we all end up there, grasp onto any bit of happiness, do some good, and love fully. Everything else is bullshit.

Dress – ModCloth
Boots – Aldo
Jacket – Le Chateau
Hat – Brixton via Revolve
Bag – Winners