Why Everyone Should TTRPG? (A Biased Perspective)

TTRPG in shorthand is DnD – Dungeons and Dragons. That’s the short answer.


Since I started my thyroid meds, my morning routine has had to change.

My New Swag!

So my GM (Game Master) for Fallout creates wonderful images for us.

A Treatise on Forgiveness

Maybe you have been hurt and are rolling your eyes at the idea of someone telling you to forgive, “But you don’t understand the depth and severity of my pain!” My answer is harsh but true: it doesn’t matter.

Pink Puffed Sleeve Sweater

Oh man oh man, was this sweater a grind.

3 Tools To Help You Value Yourself Over Your Income

If you’re like me and you place a lot of self-value on achievement and how much you’re making, pay attention. If you’re not, then share your magic wisdom with me, please.

10 Things to Do in Stratford

You’re going to Stratford, Ontario. It’s going to be awesome. Here are a few things that I recommend.

Schlubbing It

“This is me schlubbing it,” I told a friend. He was surprised. So hear me out.

Add a Little

Casual style, but always add a little something of interest.


Tell me you’re the economy version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

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