Moments to Heal

Trying to find moments of joy.


Well, recovery is going slowly, as I’ve already said.

Motley Sweater

There’s a bunch of sweaters headed your way.

Knitting and Watching

So I’ve been doing a lot of watching and knitting.


Thanks so much…

Quinn Dress

Oh my gosh guys, right before surgery I connected with This is Willow clothing.

Black Dress

Sometimes a girl’s got to put on a slit dress with a sweetheart neckline and relish that scar-free decolletage while it’s still there.

Green Velvet

Ugh, how I love a velvet, puffed sleeve, and sweetheart neckline – especially when they’re combined!

R2D2 Hat

Light gray casual look with a touch of nerd –

Grey. Hot.

When you just want to be casual and monochromatic. I went grey this time.

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