I’ve already mentioned that I tutor my Girl. Well, we’ve been working through a section of Geography that talks about demographics, and QOL around the world.

I’m Not Hiding

I saw an ad for a PJ set that lets you hide a pad inside it for when you’re on your period, so your partner doesn’t have to know. And it made me angry.

Read List of 2023

Here’s what I read this past year:

Don’t Always Trust Your Feelings

Feelings are not reality. Let me explain.


I talk a lot about having fun with fashion. Having an ‘outside the box’ mentality.

Check The Credentials

When you read books that tell you to change your life, or that claim to have a major impact on your life – as in, tell you how to heal or live – please please please check the accreditation of the author.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I Hope

I hope you’ve done your shopping.

How to Talk to Women

I get updates on the dating scene from girlfriends, and not only does it make me thankful I’m not dating, but it also makes me want to write a book called, “How to approach women.” Basically, it’ll be really short. More of a novella, actually more of a short paragraph.

Only Knitting Fans??

Watching and hearing about OnlyFans and the money some women make on it…obviously, I’m not going to do that. But, some of the more innocuous stuff I could totally see doing.

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