Tell me you’re the economy version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Ice Cream Diner

On the way home, we found a lovely little 50s diner that was about 30 minutes into our journey.

Port Dover

They went for 18 holes of golf, I went into town for some damn civilization


We went camping. Let me rephrase: they wanted to go camping, I went along under duress.


I’m not a bride. I don’t care if we’re before or after Labor Day.

So You Can Kick Ass

Some practical advice for younger women: wear comfortable shoes.

Grand and Tall

Trees. Grand, tall, and deafening in their silence.

Marge and I

Me and Marge, both sexy Mamas who make similar sounds when annoyed?


The pond, our local pond, becomes so overgrown and wild in certain areas it’s really just like a dream.

How About No?

You know what I just love?

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