After a day or so walking in nature…

A Picnic at the Falls

The whole group had lunch at the Falls.

A Nap

Early work days, means that if I wanted to be aware of what was happening I had to nap.

Up To The Cottage

A beautiful few days means getting in the car and heading up to the cottage.

Early Jerk

Being done with your work day at 9:15 am means that though you’re tired,


Have you seen or heard of the whole cottage-core aesthetic?

Bus and Parks

The bus home after work is so friggin’ useless that the options are to wait and spend 25-35 minutes getting home,


Very early mornings at work, means I show up ready for action, but also really comfy.

It’s in The Jeans

A full week, a tired gal, and a brief evening out.


That shiner turned a gross yellow, but at least makeup covered most of it, and it didn’t really show up in photos….


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