I recently watched “Limitless” on Disney+. It’s a documentary series with Chris Hemsworth (and no, I didn’t pick it, Andrew did. Should I be worried???) about ways to increase longevity and health.

And while it wasn’t groundbreaking to me ’cause I’d read books on all the subjects they covered, there was one part that struck me. He speaks to one young woman (20s) who has stage four cancer. And at one point she says that she doesn’t know how long she has, but that it’s not a lot. And then she said something that struck me: aging and growing old isn’t a burden, It’s a privilege. She would love to grow old.

I had not looked at it that way. Yes, it is a privilege to grow old. Something we should celebrate because not everyone gets the opportunity. So be thankful for your wrinkles and gray hairs. It is evidence of the precious gift you were given: time.

Dress – Doen *thrifted*
Sweater – hand me down