I got another haircut!

Handmade outfit

Kind of cool to wear an entire outfit I made.

End of ‘Dont’s’

I’m so sick of seeing hair, makeup, and fashion tutorials that start with “Don’t do Y!” or “If you have X, don’t do Y!” And it’s usually a tutorial from another woman.


Fear is a powerful thing. It’s something that takes hold and doesn’t let go. And I believe that secrecy fuels fear.

High and Low

Casual afternoon running my girl rock climbing and catching a quick coffee while I wait.


Sometimes, streamlined and simple is the way to go.

Before The Snow Melted

Before the snow melted, a friend organized a chill weekend hang.


“I often dream of houses with hidden passageways, rooms within rooms, where one can lock the door. There is always a secret way in – and out.” – Yawnghwe

Winky Face

I’m not grumpy, just freezing.

Date Nights

With our girl old enough to be at home by herself a bit, we’re able to get out for date nights.

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