The Reason

I was supposed to go to a holiday party, but I canceled because I had a headache, was quite tired, and knew I would be poor company. I was bummed.


I am indeed the epitome of grace and class.


So I made a sweater out of this yarn already, but honestly, it didn’t come out right and it didn’t fit right.

Holiday Parties

The holiday parties are in full swing.

Comedy That’s Not Funny

We went to a comedy show at The Comedy Corner in downtown Toronto. It costs us $25 each to get in. And man, by the end of the night I was livid.


My Mom recently visited and she was shocked to see me in jeans.


I’ve noticed that this past year I get more tired.

Winter Falls

The Falls are wonderful in the Summer, though I do miss swimming in them.

Everyone Runs

Normally, up at the cabin, I do the regular trail run.

Man in the Bunkie

Our little old man is always a hit – thanks to his sweet nature plus our training, he’s quiet and cuddly which goes over well.

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