Don’t Pick a Fight with a Dumpster

I had something witty to say.

Nixed the Coffee

Since we’re on the subject, getting the acid reflux did do one thing – it ended my dependence on coffee.

Reflux done

I realized that I haven’t given you guys an update on the horrible constant acid reflux that I got three days after surgery – as soon as I started to eat normally again.

Tan or Not?

Summer’s coming. Sometime.

Estonian Lace Shawl

Made a friend a lace knit triangle shawl from an Estonian lace pattern.

Another Recovery Sweater

This is one of my “post cancer surgery recovery” sweaters.

Geese Back Off

Went on a walk around the pond. And since it’s Spring, the Canada Geese are particularily vicious as the young ones hatch.

When She Wants

When she wants to take my picture,

Is my 90s showing?

My formative years were in the 90s grunge, Drew Barrymore Mad Love era.


I know reels and videos are the way to go on the Socials.


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