Make It So

Reading “Making it So” – Patrick Stewart’s memoir.

Mate For the Soul?

Soulmates? Do you believe in them? And if so, in what form?

Friends, They are a Wonder.

Wow. Wow. Wow. How things can change in such a short time.


Well, oh my gosh!

Gratitude Does Not Ignore

Gratitude does not ignore the evils in the world. It is a contrast.

Antihero – ic

“Gratitude is by definition antiheroic. It does not depend on courage or strength or talent. It is based on our incompleteness. …The great sense of relief that comes with gratitude derives from the recognition that we cannot manage alone, that we do not have to strive to be a superman or superwoman, and that even if we are not so brilliant, we are fine as we are. “ – Pierro Ferrucci

Gratitude, not Platitude

“To be grateful we have to be without defences – a risky predicament. We have to renounce our pride in order to recognize that our happiness depends on someone else. Many people do not like to feel dependent….To be grateful is to let ourselves be known.” – Piero Ferrucci

Not Throwing Away Goes for People Too

“Many people in our lives seem to grow obsolete. For a while they are useful, interest us, stimulate us. Then they lose their importance and we forget them. …This is the throw-away style. What we do not need, we dispose of. Cynical as this may sound, this attitude is, with subtler and less brutal variations, is carried over to human relationships.” – Pierro Ferrucci

Apple Picking

Yes, it’s that time of year! Everyone’s doing it…because it’s fun!

The Varied Ways We Are

I was at a coffee shop just writing. Writing all the thoughts I needed to get down and clarify. The two women next to me started discussing what they should have for dinner.

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