Why Are You So Happy?

Giving face: Jeans – Guess, Shirt – American Eagle, Vest – American Eagle, Attitude – all me!

Home Sweet Home!  Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing like family, but there’s nothing like home either.  Last night we went straight from my Mom’s house to a Christmas dinner at Husband’s Brother’s House (my Brother in Law).  They have a lovely home and are great people but you know how much I love lots of people gathered in one place.  Well, there were 6 adults and 3 kids there – all in one lovely but not overly large open concept house.  That coupled with cranky, sleepy Baby and cranky, sleepy Mama equaled a fun but stressful and chaotic time.  So I was quite happy when we got home and put Baby to sleep – ’cause then Mama could finally relax. 

And this morning (since I had the use of Mom’s car) I went to get a large, and I mean large, purchase of groceries – we were out of everything.  So that meant I had to get dressed.  And I felt like being a little nerdy/preppy today.  I loved wearing vests while pregnant – somehow they worked with the large belly – don’t ask me how.  And I have continued to love wearing them now that I’m no longer sporting a basketball in front.  This one is a favorite.  And I wanted to be fun and playful by mixing patterns with the shirt. 

After returning and unloading the vast array of groceries I sat and played with Baby.  Husband took some shots and started teasing me through the process; hence, the various assortment of faces I’m making.  Another reason I’m so happy?  I spent all my Christmas money and my Birthday money (it’s coming up soon and I just know you’re excited!) on one big ticket item that I’m been secretly lusting after for Months.  What is it you ask?  Why it’s a DSLR camera!  Specifically the Nikon D3100.  I spent many an hour researching and stressing over which is the right one to choose and finally settled on this one (so if you disagree with my choice, please refrain from commenting about it – it would only make me feel bad).  It’s sold out all over the place in store, so I bought it online and it should hopefully (fingers crossed) be here before the weekend.  So excited!!  Can’t wait to share the wonderful pictures with you! 

Another reason I wanted a great camera?  Baby’s getting bigger and cuter by the second.  And I just have to capture her in all her wonder.  I can’t get enough.  How did I get the cutest little girl in the world??

What was your favorite gift this Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve.  We’ve got our big dinner tonight (us Poles do it on Christmas Eve) and gift exchange.  So, I’ll say a big, fat Merry Christmas to you and spend time with the fam.  You’ll excuse me if I don’t post tonight won’t you?  I’ll see you soon.  Merry Christmas!  Hope Santa’s good to you!

How I’m Spending My Winter Vacation…

Husband and Drake the Dog cuddling

Baby’s little puppy feet are sooo cute!

I don’t have a look for you to see today.  I know I’m sorry.   I’m working on a special project for you guys for the new year though.  So you’ll forgive me right?  But I thought I could at least chronicle my holidays for you.

We’re at my Mom’s house and it’s just a bunch of lazy, slow days filled with lots of Polish home cooking and cards.  My family is all about the cards – we play this one game that everyone gets really competitive about.  Husband and Babcia trash talk each other – through me.  I have to translate their various insults to one another.  It’s actually really amusing.  And the best part?  They trash talk, I win.  Boo-ya! That’s how it’s done.

Husband’s fabulous parenting skills.

 As I was writing this post, I went in search of Baby and Husband and found the above situation.  In case you can’t tell, he’s readying Vice Magazine – not exactly child rated.  She’s just sprawled on his lap looking at the picture’s.  This is a common scenario in our house – him reading with her sprawled on him, or squirming all around him.  I just stood there shaking my head…and then I got my camera.

Use The Force

“These are not the droids you’re looking for”

Today was the first day in 6 months that we were up before Baby.  She slept in until 7:45am – I wish everyday was like this.  Hopefully, her sleeping habits will only get better.  I need my beauty rest – goodness knows I haven’t had any in a long time.  

This morning when I came downstairs dressed to face my day, Husband looked at me and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, because you look really nice, but you look like a Jedi.”  Normally I’m not against any Star Wars reference (considering my love of all things Star Wars, Star Trek and BSG), but “Jedi” was certainly not the look I was going for.  So, I stopped, focused really hard, and tried to choke him just a little with my mind just like Darth Vader…no such luck.  He just stood there with a smirk on his face looking so pleased with himself.  So I just kicked him in the shin instead.

Great lunch, even better company.  We had two friends over for some good old Polish home cooking.  They’re a fun couple who appreciate hearty food.  And it was really nice to get to see them since they’ve moved to another province for the next year.  That’s what I like about the holidays: everyone makes an extra effort to see one another and spend some time together.

‘Tis The Color of The Season


Last night we at Movieola had a lovely Christmas dinner.  During that great evening the always fabulous Eileen McCurdy pointed me towards something oh so wonderful.  She introduced me to the wonders of Joe Make-up.  If you’re familiar with Joe, you know that it’s a cheepy brand that doesn’t always provide great quality.  And their make-up is hit and miss as well.  I tested quite a few of their products today.  And their blushes are fabulous (you’re right Eileen), their lip products – all of them – are great as well.  But they’re eye shadows and skin (powder, etc) are a miss.  Skip those.   Here I’m wearing a new purchase – their red lip crayon with clear lipgloss.  It goes on more sheer than lipstick but thicker than gloss.  I love that in between coverage.  And the best thing is everything is super cheap – which means you can try trends you’re wondering about, get out of your comfort zone, or just stock up on multiple colors all for about the price of one expensive brand.  So get your lovely selves to your local Joe and stock up on lig gloss, lip crayons, lipsticks, and liners!

Random Sundays: War & Discord

Today was not a good day.  First off, I wasn’t feeling well.  And secondly, today was a day of spats with Husband.  So you’ll excuse me if todays post is not a detail filled as others.  No one needs to see my dirty laundry – we all have it – but it’s not something that’s shared for everyone to see.  But after much talking (some productive, some not productive) and a nap, I was feeling better and the day took a turn.  By dinner time things were much better in our household.

Baby and I wait for dinner

After dinner while I held Baby, Husband regrouped and jumped back into his own personal war:  Husband vs. The Mice.  You see we have recently been invaded by an army of these time rodents.  They scamper in and scamper out leaving only their droppings behind.  Gross!!  So a week ago we declared war and so far we’ve won a few battles but they learn from their mistakes.  Oh yes!  They learn…and as our enemy grows smarter so must we…

Husband prepping the ammunition
One battlefield is mined with traps
Invading their main stronghold

So far we’ve claimed a few of their soldiers, but the war wages on…

Oops!  My tea is ready.  Gotta go!  Goodnight, see you tomorrow.

Want…And Get

Okay, so I said I wouldn’t buy more stuff for a long while.  Yeah, that lasted all of what?  Two weeks?  So my latest purchases are these two items.  I couldn’t stop drooling over them.  Now I can’t wait until they come in!

On The Lam

Last night was my night away.  It was my night to rest and relax and to have time to refresh.  Thanks to Husband I was booked into The Sutton Place Hotel for the night.  The following was written throughout the night:

One last cuddle before I leave

As I left this afternoon, I felt a little pull on my heart when she looked at me with her sweet and innocent eyes.  But my resolve returned when I thought to myself, “A rest will make me a better mother.” So I kissed Baby and Husband and headed out.  

First stop: shopping!  Arriving at the mall I remembered why it is that I don’t go to the mall.  I know I said this before, but it’s because with time I forget, I go, and then I remember.  I hate crowds and I hate how the mall brings out the worst in people: greed and a lack of courtesy.   So, I immediately left.

I am currently eating my greasy spoon dinner: mango + pineapple chicken with fried plaintain and steamed broccolie on rice.  Yummy! 

My hotel room
View from my hotel room

Next stop: Checking in.  My hotel room is really nice, and clean and orderly.  I like that.  I appreciate a tidy room.  After scoping it all out I went for a run in the health center.  It was great to run without thinking about Baby or what I need to get done today.  Following a hot shower I turned on CSI (love it!) on the flat screen in my room.  And reached over to open my little bottle of wine – oh crap! – I realized that it has a cork and I have no corkscrew. 

First Indulgence

Second Indulgence

 I was not to be barred (pardon the intentional pun) from having my wine!  After 1/2 and hour of picking at it and destroying 1/2 of it, I pushed the rest of the plastic cork inside the bottle.  And Ta-Da! Wine! *and an entire bathroom splashed with wine from he ordeal*  But WINE!  And Chocolate!  And trashy magazines! I wonder how they’re doing at home a little.  It feels a little wrong to be away and enjoying myself so much.  I feel almost as if I’m going to get caught doing something bad.  But after a little too much wine (I’m a notorious lightweight) I cuddle into bed and to sleep.  

Coffee in the morning

Good morning!  Other than one interruption I slept 9 hours.  Oh glorious sleep! All you parents out there know what I’m talking about.  Coffee in the room, breakfast outside and then back to the hotel for another workout.  If you haven’t caught on, I like to workout.  It’s amazing how much energy I have – I forgot this is what it’s like when you sleep.

My facial at Pure+Simple is delightful.  The woman pampers me with a neck, head, and arm massage.  And my face feels refreshed, cleaned and mosturized.  The soothing sounds, and smells are almost enough for me to fall asleep again, except that I don’t want to miss a moment of this luxury.  

Heading home I was refreshed and eager to see my family.  I had missed them, but enjoyed the break.  Everyone was happy to see me: the Dog jumped on me, Baby squirmed with joy, and Husband kissed me. I’m glad I went away.  I’m glad to be home.   

I’m Leaving Home!

Some of my favorite things

“I got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night.  That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.  I gotta feeling!”  That’s right, tonight I’m checked into a swanky hotel thanks to Husband and I get a whole 24 hours to do what I want – which is mainly shop, sleep and relax.  I’m leaving just after lunch today, and coming back mid afternoon tomorrow.  In honor of the relaxing theme.  I chose the above outfit because it’s easy, comfy and relaxed.  Nothing bunches or pinches – no suffering for fashion here!

I’m going to enjoy my break from Baby.  Love her to death but if I don’t get a break, that “death” might happen to me sooner than I like.  I invite you to check back soon to read all about my exploits in freedom.

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It’s so cold here in Toronto, or perhaps it’s just my imagination because I think that anything below 10 degrees celsius is cold.  But even Drake the dog wants to go inside after only 10 minutes galavanting about; so, it can’t all be in my head right?

This was today’s on air look and the best part is that it’s super comfy!  The soft jersey knit dress is the most relaxed thing ever.  And I love the detail of the asymetrical hem.  It adds a little interest into what would otherwise be a very boring outfit.  

However, I couldn’t go without adding a little glitz to the whole thing – I don’t like to be too monochromatic.  So I added these statement earrings.  I love the intricacy and size of these, but I like that they still manage to be elegant because of the solid silver look.

The best thing about today though?  Even though it’s so cold and bitter and I hated being out, something great happened.  After coming home frozen, I warmed up with a bowl of homemade soup (made by Husband) and opened an early birthday present.  What was it you ask?  A night for me at The Sutton Place Hotel – just for me.  No baby to keep me up and no one to ask anything of me.  I’m going to sleep, eat, sleep, run, sleep, and sleep.  He’s giving me a whole 24 hours of uninterrupted peace and rest.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  That’s one good man for you.  Can’t wait!  It’s this Thursday, December 16.  You betcha I’m going to blog all about it.

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