Last night we at Movieola had a lovely Christmas dinner.  During that great evening the always fabulous Eileen McCurdy pointed me towards something oh so wonderful.  She introduced me to the wonders of Joe Make-up.  If you’re familiar with Joe, you know that it’s a cheepy brand that doesn’t always provide great quality.  And their make-up is hit and miss as well.  I tested quite a few of their products today.  And their blushes are fabulous (you’re right Eileen), their lip products – all of them – are great as well.  But they’re eye shadows and skin (powder, etc) are a miss.  Skip those.   Here I’m wearing a new purchase – their red lip crayon with clear lipgloss.  It goes on more sheer than lipstick but thicker than gloss.  I love that in between coverage.  And the best thing is everything is super cheap – which means you can try trends you’re wondering about, get out of your comfort zone, or just stock up on multiple colors all for about the price of one expensive brand.  So get your lovely selves to your local Joe and stock up on lig gloss, lip crayons, lipsticks, and liners!