Today was not a good day.  First off, I wasn’t feeling well.  And secondly, today was a day of spats with Husband.  So you’ll excuse me if todays post is not a detail filled as others.  No one needs to see my dirty laundry – we all have it – but it’s not something that’s shared for everyone to see.  But after much talking (some productive, some not productive) and a nap, I was feeling better and the day took a turn.  By dinner time things were much better in our household.

Baby and I wait for dinner

After dinner while I held Baby, Husband regrouped and jumped back into his own personal war:  Husband vs. The Mice.  You see we have recently been invaded by an army of these time rodents.  They scamper in and scamper out leaving only their droppings behind.  Gross!!  So a week ago we declared war and so far we’ve won a few battles but they learn from their mistakes.  Oh yes!  They learn…and as our enemy grows smarter so must we…

Husband prepping the ammunition
One battlefield is mined with traps
Invading their main stronghold

So far we’ve claimed a few of their soldiers, but the war wages on…

Oops!  My tea is ready.  Gotta go!  Goodnight, see you tomorrow.