Last night was my night away.  It was my night to rest and relax and to have time to refresh.  Thanks to Husband I was booked into The Sutton Place Hotel for the night.  The following was written throughout the night:

One last cuddle before I leave

As I left this afternoon, I felt a little pull on my heart when she looked at me with her sweet and innocent eyes.  But my resolve returned when I thought to myself, “A rest will make me a better mother.” So I kissed Baby and Husband and headed out.  

First stop: shopping!  Arriving at the mall I remembered why it is that I don’t go to the mall.  I know I said this before, but it’s because with time I forget, I go, and then I remember.  I hate crowds and I hate how the mall brings out the worst in people: greed and a lack of courtesy.   So, I immediately left.

I am currently eating my greasy spoon dinner: mango + pineapple chicken with fried plaintain and steamed broccolie on rice.  Yummy! 

My hotel room
View from my hotel room

Next stop: Checking in.  My hotel room is really nice, and clean and orderly.  I like that.  I appreciate a tidy room.  After scoping it all out I went for a run in the health center.  It was great to run without thinking about Baby or what I need to get done today.  Following a hot shower I turned on CSI (love it!) on the flat screen in my room.  And reached over to open my little bottle of wine – oh crap! – I realized that it has a cork and I have no corkscrew. 

First Indulgence

Second Indulgence

 I was not to be barred (pardon the intentional pun) from having my wine!  After 1/2 and hour of picking at it and destroying 1/2 of it, I pushed the rest of the plastic cork inside the bottle.  And Ta-Da! Wine! *and an entire bathroom splashed with wine from he ordeal*  But WINE!  And Chocolate!  And trashy magazines! I wonder how they’re doing at home a little.  It feels a little wrong to be away and enjoying myself so much.  I feel almost as if I’m going to get caught doing something bad.  But after a little too much wine (I’m a notorious lightweight) I cuddle into bed and to sleep.  

Coffee in the morning

Good morning!  Other than one interruption I slept 9 hours.  Oh glorious sleep! All you parents out there know what I’m talking about.  Coffee in the room, breakfast outside and then back to the hotel for another workout.  If you haven’t caught on, I like to workout.  It’s amazing how much energy I have – I forgot this is what it’s like when you sleep.

My facial at Pure+Simple is delightful.  The woman pampers me with a neck, head, and arm massage.  And my face feels refreshed, cleaned and mosturized.  The soothing sounds, and smells are almost enough for me to fall asleep again, except that I don’t want to miss a moment of this luxury.  

Heading home I was refreshed and eager to see my family.  I had missed them, but enjoyed the break.  Everyone was happy to see me: the Dog jumped on me, Baby squirmed with joy, and Husband kissed me. I’m glad I went away.  I’m glad to be home.